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Jonas Brothers Merch

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Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers rock band comprised of three siblings Kevin Jonas, Nicholas 'Scratch' Jonas, and Joseph 'Joe' Jonas. All initially belonged to Wyckoff New Jersey, where younger brother Kevin was born. Meanwhile, Joe was brought into the world by Arizona and Nick in Texas city.

Nick Jonas was initially filling in as a soloist and on Broadway when Columbia Records marked him yet additionally found that 'Kevin' and 'Joe' likewise had melodic gifts. The three siblings chose to combine and make their own band.

On August eighth, 2006 the Jonas siblings released their 1st hip hop music collection "Better late than never" with Colombia records. Be that as it may, swap to a Hollywood chase and have an occasion to release for Disney. They recorded a solitary 'Year 3000' for the film 'Meet the Robinson's' released on March 30th, 2007. Likewise made video cuts for the animation American Dragon and The Jungle Book.

On August seventh, 2007 the Jonas Brothers delivered their subsequent collection 'Jonas Brothers and their tunes including 'S.O. S' and 'Hang On' turned into hits.

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