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Randy Savage Merch

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Randy Savage Merch Intro

Randy Poffo was an American Wrestler, actor, rapper, professional baseball player, and even a commentator. He was an all-in-one package! He was famous for his ring name Randy Savage and was a world champion for many leagues and even a top contender in all of them. Apart from his wrestling skills, everyone loved his dressing sense and his flamboyant ring attire. Randy Savage was a savage and even after everything he achieved in his lifetime, people still remember him and he is as alive and strong in their hearts as he was in the ring that he performed in.

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The Randy Savage merchandise at Merchc is one of a kind and it reflects the wrestler's vibe and style perfectly so if you were a fan of his flamboyant attire and strong style statement when he used to perform, you are at the right place!

With a range of apparel from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, shoes, and much more, we have it all in the style of Randy Savage and if you are a true fan, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of it. With bright and vibrant graphics to fierce and savage designs, everything here says Randy Savage in the best way possible and at Merchc, we are happy to bring the best for our customers.

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Our 2020 bestsellers for the Randy Savage Merch


  • Macho Man Randy Savage Zubaz Tshirt: This Tshirt is a one of a kind with bright graphics that will not only set a strong style statement for you but will also make you look savage and fierce, just like Randy Savage!
  • Macho Man Randy Savage “Macho King” Retro T Shirt: Another one of our favorites is this Tshirt which is retro, trendy, vibrant, and reflects Randy Savage’s ring attire perfectly!
  • Macho man Randy Savage RSVLTS Button-Down Shirt: This is our most favorite from the entire collection. Being unique, it is also extremely retro and fun to wear. This one will revamp your look and reflect a fun vibe!

Randy Savage, often known as Macho Man was known for his wrestling as well as his creative and vibrant looks, and anyone who knows him knows that this collection reflects his style completely! Grab your favorites now and buy them as soon as you can before we run out!